Mezzanine & Work Platforms

Our structural mezzanines are offered in a diverse range of custom sizes, loading capacities, flooring options, handrail, forklift gates etc. We create solutions guaranteed to increase your square footage by up to 100% in extra storage capacity.

If we look at the case study video below, for example, it will explain just how well one of our clients warehouse benefitted from a mezzanine design service. The warehouse ran out of storage locations in an area dedicated to small items.

The user was forced to fill a space devoted to pallet rack storage with small items instead, and every time they had to pick them, they had had to use high rise trucks. Eventually, that pallet storage area was filled with small items and they were forced to ship the full pallets to an offsite storage location.

Solving your space problem

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Warehouse Mezzanine Services

The Toronto-based user decided to contact us and inquired about a mezzanine design service. The final solution was an 8300 square foot instant space mezzanine which was installed vertically over their existing pick line and small item storage area. Just like any other mezzanine that The Material Handler sells, an engineer was sent to determine the dimensions for a system that fit perfectly. They provided all of the AutoCAD drawings and tweaked it until the client approved the installation. The client got to choose between many different options for decks, rails, gates, and staircases. Once the order was made, it was installed in good time.

Ease of Installation

The steel decks come with a choice of surfaces with different advantages related to their look, feel, stability, or durability. You can choose between plywood, composite resin, steel diamond plate, bar grating or two-inch galvanized planking. Our handrail is one of the most innovative on the market because of the ease of installation. The rail is cut to size and then reattached by welding; the hand rail post design eliminates the need to notch the deck surface during installation.

Safe and Convenient

When designing your mezzanine, there must be lift access for picking, and with our choice of gates, we can assure you that you will get a system that is safe and convenient for your warehouse. Whether you’ve chosen a swinging, sliding, or lift-out gate, it will provide you with the flexibility you need. Our staircases are amongst the strongest, most stable in the industry and are made to last.


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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would be glad to visit your warehouse and present you with the multitude of options that we offer and how they could benefit your business.

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