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Best Weight Scales

The Material Handler offers our warehousing customers the best in industrial scales in Toronto for all your shipping and packaging needs. When selecting the right weighing scale for your warehouse or ground floor, it’s important to choose one that will withstand heavy-duty loads and provide the most accurate readings with a low margin of error. The Material Handler sells a variety of reliable name brands and different weight machines for your operational needs.

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Toronto Shipping Scales for Sale

The Material Handler recommends selecting a shipping scale that exceeds your typical maximum package weight to prevent any future problems or inaccuracies. Digital scales provide detailed decimal readings in your preferred weight system. It’s also important to choose a weighing scale that is produced with the most durable and reliable materials to withstand heavy-duty use.

Measurement Canada-Approved Scales

No matter what your business focuses on, The Material Handler sells trade-certified and Measurement Canada-approved weighing machines. to give you the most accurate readings:

  • Bench scales. A tower reader with digital reading allows for easy measuring of your products. Battery-powered bench scales make transportation and movement of your scales much easier.
  • Crane scales. Portable and powerful, crane scales allow for accurate digital readings when the use of traditional weighing machines is unfeasible.
  • Washdown scales. Ideal for environments where frequent cleaning is necessary, washdown scales are made with premium food-grade stainless steel with removable platforms to facilitate easy washdowns.
  • Pallet scales. Easily load pallets and drums onto this 4×4 scale for swift and accurate weighing. Pallet scales feature adjustable leveling and optional loading ramps to facilitate your needs, and they are made of premium stainless steel for long-lasting durability.

The Material Handler: A Name You Can Trust in Weight Scales

The Material Handler is trusted by the warehouse and shipping industry to provide the best in name-brand products that deliver impeccable results. Browse our selection of shipping scales to find the best one that works for your Toronto business.

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