E-Z Reach Universal Pan-Style Container Tilter


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This low profile container tilter with pan style platform accommodates any type of container. Because the unit is essentially flush to the floor when in the lowered position, this low-profile container tilter can be easily loaded with hand cart and hand pallet trucks.

The 50" x 50" usable pan size works with a wide variety of container styles and sizes.

Loads can be positioned at angle from 0˚ up 85˚ for easy access to contents without bending, reaching or stretching.

Model Tilter Capacity Tilt
W x L
Pan Size
Power Shipping Weight
ZTU-2 Pan 2000 lbs 85˚ 3/8" 62.5" x 65.25" 50" x 50" 115/1/60 1150 lbs
ZTU-4 Pan 4000 lbs 85˚ 3/8" 62.5" x 65.25" 50" x 50" 115/1/60 1170 lbs
ZTU-2 Pan Side Entry 2000 lbs 85˚ 3/8" 62.5" x 65.25" 45" x 50" 115/1/60 1150 lbs

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