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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is a prime choice in optimizing storage space. The Material Handler offers different Racking systems to best fit your storage needs. We offer regular Cogan Cantilever and Industrium Roll-out Cantilever, both have multiple different purposes

Regular Cantilever

Storing awkward items have just become easier with Cogan Cantilever rack system. Whether you want to store long or short items indoors, our versatile cantilever rack systems enable ease of storage. Through the use of a distinct adjustable arm system, our Cantilever racks allow front loading of items without any difficulty or damage. Cantilever racks are especially optimal when you have any request that necessitates wide front loading. Made from steel component and coated with a paint finish, Cogan cantilever racks are the ideal contender for indoor and outdoor use.

We also offer cantilever racking that is ideal for very narrow aisles. Maximize the use of your storage through our very narrow aisle cantilever racking. An effective technique of increasing storage, Cogan’s Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking allows for selective racking. Additionally, VNA racking is designed to be used with a fork lift, reducing aisle space minimally in comparison to traditional fork lifts. This system is highly efficient in maximizing storage and utilizing vertical space.

Handling your toughest construction jobs, Cogan’s 4 Season Outdoor Storage Cantilever racking is built to withstand snow, ice, rain, and wind. Cogan’s Cantilever racking is created with structural steel and is incredibly durable, enabling the racks to remain stable and secure in the toughest weather. These racks are perfect for outdoor construction storage, through the barrier-free design, the racks allow for the trouble-free storage of plywood, woods beam, and every type of building material.

Whether you want to store lumber, sawn wood or engineered wood products, then Cogan’s Lumberyard Cantilever Racking is the best fit for you. These racks are able to withhold high-density weights that are diverse in length and proportions. Made from robust structural components with a durable galvanized finish, The Material Handler’s racks are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You could also add a custom-made roof system to build a sheltered L-shed, to protect your materials from severe weather.

If your warehouse has limited space, you should consider Cogan’s Mobile Cantilever Racking. These racks are installed on mobile bases and integrated with motorized controls, mobile cantilever racking is guided by rails set into the floor. Thereby, increasing storage capacity and decreasing the storage area necessary.

Roll-Out Pallet Racking

At the Material Handler, we also offer the Roll Out Pallet. This product responds to your reality by increasing execution speed all the while optimizing space and safety. Your inventory is a crucial element in the production process, and its importance is paramount. As a result, the Roll Out Pallet will easily give access to your material and greatly facilitate the gathering process and management of your inventory. Hence, the Roll Out Pallet units are durable and well suited to your handling and storage needs.

Roll-Out Sheet Metal

The Material Handler offers Industrium Roll-Out Sheet Metal racks, a storing equipment that has roll-out drawers that are used to store sheet metal and other flat materials. These drawers are designed to be pulled out smoothly allowing for the retrieval of the materials with a crane or a forklift. We offer 6 different models from 4’ x 4’ to 6’x 12’ Industrium roll-out sheets reduce the labour costs of companies through immediate access of materials, and thereby increasing productivity. In addition, the Roll-out sheets improve safety, by getting rid of unsafe piles and buried materials. These Rack have a top capacity of 11,000 Ib, a maximum number of 8 levels, and up to 8 drawers per unit.

Roll-Out Cantilever Racking

Roll-Out Cantilever Racks by Industrium permit the storage of long materials inside a drawer compartment. These racks are able to free up more than half of your floor spacing and reduce the risks of your employees digging through dangerous loads. These drawers, known as bar racks or pipe racks, open completely. In addition, this cantilever drawer system is adjustable every 3”, permitting you to change the arrangement in agreement to your needs.

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