Roll-out pallet racking is an innovative and efficient storage solution that allows for easy access to palletized goods in industrial pallet racking.

This system maximizes space utilization and material handling efficiency while enhancing organization and accessibility.

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Roll Out Pallet Racking represent a pinnacle of efficiency and convenience in the world of industrial storage solutions. These innovative systems are designed to optimize the storage and retrieval of palletized goods, making them indispensable in a variety of industrial settings. By allowing for easy access and smooth material handling, Roll Out Pallet Racking enhances workflow, increases space utilization, and ensure a more organized and accessible workspace. With the ability to effortlessly access and store palletized goods, Roll Out Pallet Racks are a testament to the transformative power of intelligent storage solutions.

Roll Out Pallet Racking


Roll Out Pallet Racking is a game-changer when it comes to optimizing both the availability and selectivity of your stored goods in an industrial or warehouse setting. With its innovative design, this system allows for seamless accessibility and maximizes the use of available space. Each pallet location is directly accessible, significantly improving the selectivity of the stored items.

Moreover, the selectivity of this system is unparalleled. Each item within a pallet position is directly accessible without the need to move or reorganize other items in the front to reach the back. This feature streamlines the retrieval process, ensuring that the right goods are readily available when needed. Whether you’re dealing with fast-moving inventory or products with varying demand, Roll Out Pallet Racking is designed to optimize selectivity, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to make the most of their available space while ensuring efficient access to stored goods.

Roll Out Pallet - Rack Mounted


The Roll Out Pallet is a direct response to the challenges of your operational reality, prioritizing accelerated execution, space optimization, and safety enhancement. Recognizing the paramount importance of your raw material inventory to your production process, we meticulously designed and crafted our Roll Out Pallet Rack using robust steel and heavy-duty rollers. This meticulous construction ensures the pallet’s exceptional durability, enabling it to thrive in even the harshest industrial environments.  Streamlining the process of material retrieval and inventory management, Roll Out Pallet Racking will  meet your specific handling and storage requirements.

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Our Roll Out Pallet is a game-changing solution that enhances both the safety and efficiency of manual material picking. This innovative pallet rack is equipped with a floor-mounted track system, preventing any unintended pallet relocation and ensuring a consistent and controlled material retrieval process. Materials effortlessly slide out of the rack, eliminating the need for strenuous reaching and crawling. Say goodbye to the days of contorting to access stored items. What’s more, our standard brake system securely holds the Roll Out Pallet in place during the loading process, greatly reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

versatile and sturdy: Roll out Pallet Racking Features and capacities

Roll Out Pallet Racking is a versatile solution designed to enhance material handling and storage efficiency in a variety of industrial settings. Here are the key features and capacities that make it an invaluable addition to your workspace:

Rack Mounted Capacity: With a robust Rack Mounted design, this system can accommodate up to 1,000 lbs. UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load), making it a suitable choice for various materials. It seamlessly fits on both structural and roll-formed racking systems, providing flexibility and compatibility.

Floor Mounted Capacity: For even greater storage capacity, the Floor Mounted option can handle up to 3,000 lbs. UDL. This choice is compatible with all North American rack manufacturers, offering versatility and adaptability to your existing infrastructure.

Modular Design: Roll Out Pallet Racking features a modular design with various sizes and surface choices. This flexibility allows you to tailor the system to your specific storage needs, ensuring efficient space utilization.

Enclosed Bearing: The inclusion of an enclosed bearing system ensures smooth operation, enhancing ease of access to your materials while reducing the wear and tear on the system itself.

Lightweight Construction: Despite its robust capacity, this system maintains a lightweight construction. This characteristic not only eases the installation process but also minimizes the impact on your rack structure, ensuring its integrity and longevity.

Interchangeable Top Plate: The system’s interchangeable top plate allows for convenient customization, enabling you to adapt the racking to different materials and handling requirements.

Adjustable Bracket: An adjustable bracket further simplifies the installation process, ensuring ease and efficiency when setting up the Roll Out Pallet Racking system.

Optional Lock-Out: For enhanced security and control, an optional lock-out feature is available, giving you the ability to safeguard access to the stored materials.

Note: It is essential to consult with a professional engineer to certify the existing or future racking system, as well as the intended use of the Roll Out Pallet Racking, prior to installation. This ensures the safety and compatibility of the system with your specific requirements.

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