Roll-out sheet racking is a versatile storage solution that provides effortless access to sheet materials, enhancing productivity and organization in industrial environments.

With its user-friendly design, it optimizes workspace efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to retrieve or store sheet materials.

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Effortless Accessibility With Roll Out

Sheet Metal Racks

Sheet metal racking is a highly adaptable storage solution, and our Roll Out Racks exemplify this flexibility. They are designed to be modular, allowing easy redesign, redefinition, and repurposing as your storage needs evolve. This means you can adjust your storage setup without the hassle of abandoning or rebuilding units, ensuring your storage solutions always align with your changing requirements. Our Roll Out solutions are purposefully crafted to enhance safety, efficiency, and profitability, making them a valuable asset for any industrial or manufacturing setting.

Roll Out Sheet Rack


One of the primary advantages of Roll Out Sheet Racks is their ability to liberate valuable floor space. By storing materials vertically, these racks free up substantial room that would otherwise be occupied by clutter and disorganized storage. This newfound space can be repurposed for more productive uses, such as facilitating smoother traffic flow and expanding workspace. Whether you’re in a bustling warehouse or a manufacturing facility, the ability to reclaim floor space is a transformative advantage that directly contributes to increased productivity.

Moreover, Roll Out Sheet Racks offer unmatched accessibility. Materials that were once scattered across the floor are now systematically organized and rapidly retrievable. This efficiency improvement saves valuable time and reduces the risk of accidents caused by navigating through cluttered storage areas. With Roll Out Sheet Racks, the hassle of searching for materials or struggling to access heavy items is a thing of the past.

Exploring the Key Features of Roll Out Sheet Racking

Roll Out Sheet Racking boasts a host of impressive features that cater to your specific storage needs. One of its standout qualities is the effortless ability to add or remove drawers as required. This flexibility allows you to adapt the racking system to changing storage demands without the need for extensive reconfiguration. Whether you’re expanding your inventory or reorganizing your workspace, Roll Out Sheet Racking makes the process hassle-free and cost-effective.

Another noteworthy feature is rear loading, which comes standard on all models. This design ensures that the racking system integrates seamlessly into your workflow. It simplifies the process of loading and unloading materials, optimizing efficiency and reducing the risk of workplace accidents. Moreover, Roll Out Sheet Racking offers exceptional storage capacity, accommodating up to 13 drawers in a single rack. This remarkable capacity means that you can efficiently store a wide range of materials, keeping your workspace organized and easily accessible.

With a standard height of 96 inches, the racking system maximizes vertical space utilization, making the most of your available floor space while providing ample storage for your needs. Additionally, the design allows for drawers to open fully, providing 100% access to stored items. Lock-in and lock-out mechanisms on every drawer ensure that your materials remain secure and organized. The high-quality, durable powder-coat paint finish not only enhances the racks’ aesthetic appeal but also protects them from wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable storage solution.

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