Precision Industrial & Lab Balances

Precision Industrial Scales

Our high-precision weighing solutions offer extremely accurate weighing, no matter the industry or business needs. These scales are highly-sensitive, ensuring a precise measurement every single time. The Material Handler’s precision industrial scales offer highly-reputable, and industry-leading performance. Our scales are highly-durable which ensures consistent results for a long time to come.
Minebea Intec Combics Bench and Floor
Minebea Intec Combics Bench and Floor Platforms
Minebea Intec Midrics
Minebea Intec Midrics Series Complete Scale
Minebea Intec Midrics 1 and 2 Series Digital Weight Indicator
Ohaus HH Series
Ohaus HH Series
Ohaus CL Series
Ohaus CL Series
Ohaus Compass CX
Ohaus Compass CX Series Compact Balance
Ohaus Compass CR
Ohaus Compass CR Series Compact Balance
Ohaus Adventurer Precision
Ohaus Adventurer Precision Series
Ohaus Explorer High Capacity
Ohaus Explorer® High Capacity Series
Precision Industrial
Ohaus Explorer® Precision Series
Ohaus Explorer Analytical
Ohaus Explorer® Analytical Series
Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro
OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balance

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