Consider carton flow pallet racking for your warehouse if you’re looking to enhance order picking efficiency and optimize storage space.

This dynamic system utilizes gravity to automatically advance products forward, ensuring a smooth and organized workflow that’s perfect for high-density storage and fast-paced environments.

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Enhance Picking Efficiency and reduce laboUr expenses with Carton Flow Racking

Discover how Carton Flow Pallet Racking can significantly boost your picking efficiency, making the order fulfillment process smoother and faster. By optimizing product accessibility and organization, this system helps minimize labor costs, leading to more cost-effective warehouse operations.

Streamlined, Ergonomic, First In, First Out (FIFO) Storage for Cases, Cartons and Totes

Efficiently consolidate and organize cartons, cases, and totes to expedite picking processes within your carton flow rack system. Utilizing wheeled or roller lanes installed at a slight incline in standard racking, this system propels inventory smoothly from the load side to the pick aisle. With separate load and pick aisles, congestion in the pick zone is minimized, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Moreover, distinct SKU lanes further enhance pick accuracy, making it a triumphant solution for your order picking operation. Carton flow rack proves particularly advantageous for managing high-volume, medium-turn rate inventory, offering adjustable rack levels to ensure ergonomic handling during both put-away and picking tasks.

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Space Savings: Maximize your warehouse space with up to a 50% reduction compared to static rack and shelving.

Enhanced Pick Slots: Enjoy the advantage of up to 40 locations per bay, optimizing storage efficiency.

Time and Equipment Efficiency: Reduce travel time and equipment needs, streamlining your operations.

Labor Cost Reduction: Cut labor expenses by as much as 50%, leading to significant cost savings.

Improved Productivity: Enhance both picking and put-away productivity, ensuring smoother warehouse operations.

Carton Flow vs Shelving Order Picking



Select from our extensive range of carton flow products to create a customized system that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Taking into account inventory specifications such as dimensions, shape, weight, and stability is pivotal in crafting a robust design. By choosing the appropriate carton flow options, you can guarantee enduring productivity.

Common applications for carton flow encompass full case and split-case order picking, parts storage, kitting, finished goods packing, and more. Whether you’re planning for consistently-sized packaging or handling a diverse inventory, we offer a spectrum of choices to cater to your specific needs. Here are some choices to choose from:


Dyna-Flow Carton Flow

Dyna-Flow Carton Flow

Robust full-wheel bed, ideal for accommodating a range of SKU sizes, offers exceptional durability. The assembly is effortless with 12″ and 16″ tracks that seamlessly fit into standard racking configurations.

Dyna-Flow HD Carton Flow

Dyna-Flow HD Carton Flow

The heavy-duty wheel bed boasts a remarkable 50 lb. per square foot capacity for every 8-foot unsupported length. Making it a perfect choice for industries such as retail, food & beverage, and beer, wine & spirits.

Dyna-Deck Carton Flow

Dyna-Deck Carton Flow

Effortlessly swap out damaged or subpar case flow rails with low-profile tracks that are resistant to abuse. These tracks, available in 12″ and 16″ widths, create a sturdy wheel bed for improved performance.

New Dyna-Deck with Full Length Dividers

New Dyna-Deck with Full-Length Dividers

Regain control over chaos with our innovative custom dividers designed for the new Dyna-Deck tracks. Swift and hassle-free installation, making them an ideal solution for managing inventory fluctuations and dynamic slotting and reprofiling needs.


Cart-Trak Carton Flow

Cart-Trak Carton Flow

Rely on our heavy-duty and abuse-resistant rollers for comprehensive coverage of full cases. These rollers effortlessly fit into standard racking configurations for hassle-free installation.

Flo-Guide Carton Flow

Flo-Guide Carton Flow

Flanged wheels expertly guide items along their flow, making them a perfect choice for totes and extremely deep lanes where continuous guidance is essential.

Econo-Flow Carton Flow

Econo-Flo Carton Flow

Cost-effective wheeled tracks designed for light-duty applications.


Call our gravity flow experts for design support and a sample test level, if needed.


Picking items from lower-level static shelving can be time-consuming and may impact pick accuracy. Optimize your operations by consolidating SKUs into a dynamic carton flow rack, reducing travel and search time while enhancing pick accuracy through easily visible SKU lanes.

The gravity flow design facilitates concurrent stocking and picking in single-shift operations, and automatic pick face replenishment helps eliminate or minimize wait times, streamlining the process.

Dynamic Carton Flow Illustration
Minimize Order Picking Strain with Carton Flow


Carton flow rack accessories not only enhance the user interface but also safeguard your system against potential damage. Consult with the gravity flow experts at Mallard to determine if your application could benefit from these add-ons:

Entry Guides: Quick, snap-on guides enhance the visibility of SKU lane segmentation, enabling faster and more accurate inventory loading.

Lane Dividers: Full-length lane dividers ensure SKU separation, ensuring compliance with pharmaceutical and medical restrictions and preventing inventory shifts within the lane.

Carton Flow Impact Tray: This steel tray, installed at the load side of the shelf, absorbs the impact of repeatedly loading heavy inventory, protecting wheels and rollers from damage.

Carton Flow Tilt Tray: Angle pick aisle items for a more ergonomic reach and improved product visibility. It’s easy to install, and the tilt angle is customizable.

Carton Flow Mounting Brackets: These brackets accommodate various pitch levels in all types of pallet racking, including structural and roll-formed systems. They do not interfere with system guides and dividers, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.


Carton flow pallet racking is a versatile solution with applications across various industries. Here are some key industry applications where carton flow racking excels:

Retail: In the fast-paced world of retail, efficient inventory management is crucial. Carton flow racking is ideal for organizing and quickly accessing products, ensuring that the right items are readily available for customers.

E-commerce: With the surge in online shopping, e-commerce warehouses face high order volumes. Carton flow racks help streamline order picking processes, reducing the time it takes to fulfill orders accurately.

Food and Beverage: Carton flow racking is a popular choice for storing perishable goods. Its FIFO (First-In, First-Out) design ensures that older stock is used first, reducing the risk of spoilage.

Automotive: In the automotive industry, parts and components come in various sizes and shapes. Carton flow racking can accommodate this diversity and help maintain an organized and efficient storage system.

Dyna-Flo Pallet Flow Racking

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: Strict regulations govern the storage of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Carton flow racking aids compliance by ensuring proper inventory rotation and separation of sensitive products.

Manufacturing: Manufacturers often deal with a wide range of raw materials and components. Carton flow racking simplifies inventory management and ensures that materials are readily available on the production line.

Electronics: Delicate electronic components require careful handling. Carton flow racks help protect these items from damage while allowing for easy access during assembly and fulfillment processes.

Textiles and Apparel: Carton flow racking is used to organize and store clothing items, textiles, and accessories efficiently. This helps retailers maintain a well-organized stock and fulfill customer orders promptly.

Distribution Centers: Carton flow racking enhances the efficiency of distribution centers by reducing picking time and improving inventory accuracy. This is vital for meeting delivery deadlines and customer expectations.

Cold Storage: In temperature-controlled environments, carton flow racking helps manage frozen or refrigerated goods efficiently. It ensures proper inventory rotation to minimize waste.

3PL Providers: Third-party logistics companies benefit from carton flow racking’s versatility in handling a wide range of products for various clients.

Carton flow racking is an adaptable solution that caters to the specific needs of each industry. Its ability to optimize storage space, improve picking accuracy, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency makes it a valuable asset in the modern supply chain. Whether you are dealing with perishable goods, electronics, or apparel, carton flow racking can help you streamline operations and meet the demands of your industry.

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