Invest in ergonomic hydraulic scissor lift tables to promote workplace comfort, reduce strain, and improve efficiency by providing adjustable and user-friendly lifting solutions.

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Our industrial lift tables are available in a variety of capacities and sizes to accommodate ergonomic needs in the work place. From our standard models to our ground entry series, all of the ergonomic material handling equipment supplied by Lift Products is designed with uncompromising quality and standards.

Southworth Lift Tables – Pallet Pal 360

Lift Tables
As the world’s leading supplier of hydraulic scissor lift tables, Southworth has the most extensive line of products, the largest inventory of stock models with a flexible range of modifications, and of course, a team of the most experienced product designers in the world. The renowned hydraulic Backsaver™ lift table has over one million configurations to suit your work environment. Lift tables can also be configured to be portable, such as the Backsaver Lite™, which is built on a cart and can be wheeled around your workplace. Visit Southworth’s Lift Table product page for more details about different models and configurations.

Pallet Positioners
Positioners, or levelers, work much like lift tables, except they are specialized in the placement of pallets. The goal of these instruments is to keep the work at an ideal height in order to break down pallets. Disassembling pallets is much easier and safer for workers when the packages on the pallets can be reached at a comfortable height, eradicating the need for workers to bend over and potentially cause back injuries. The original Southworth creation, the PalletPal™, was the first of its kind and completely revolutionized workplaces around North America. Pallets can now be broken down safely on any kind of terrain while keeping workers comfortable and safe. For more information, visit Southworths Pallet Handling Equipment page for a range of positions.

Southworth Lift Tables – Low Profile ZLS

Loading Dock Lifts
Loading Dock Lifts act as the intermediary between the different heights of trucks and the non-adjustable height of a loading dock. Southworth has a selection of hydraulic scissor loading dock lifts that can handle loads up to 20,000 lbs., be adjusted to any truck height, and be installed indoors or outdoors. Instead of buying a ramp, choose the option that will make your loading and unloading jobs easier and safer.

While the Southwork lifts are known for being rugged and supporting heavy loads, not everyone needs a lift made for extreme usage. Not to worry, The Material Handler also carries PrestoLift, which has a similar line of products to Southworth but built for the less intense usage. PrestoLift products are more economical and are usually applied under less extreme conditions.

Southworth Tilter – Portable Tilter

E-Z Reach Portable Tilters have casters that allow them to pick up staged containers and move them to the work cell. Baskets can be tilted up to 85 degrees to allow easy access to parts. E-Z Reach Portable Container Tilters are available in 2,000 and 4,000 pound capacities and feature 12 Volt DC power and a built-in charger (AC power is available).

Choose a Fork-Over design (PTU model container tilter) for containers with open bottoms or Straddle design (SPTU model container tilter) for containers with reinforcing bars or closed bottoms.

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