Lift Tables & Scissor Lift Table Products

Heavily-loaded pallets, large boxes, and uniquely-shaped products are a common sight in most warehouses and industrial storage facilities. When entering or leaving the warehouse, these heavy or unwieldy objects can present a challenge to the workers that need to lift and handle them. Why?

Because when a forklift lowers a pallet full of customer items to the warehouse floor, personnel are often forced to reach down in order to lift and stack them elsewhere.  While being able to lift heavy, bulky or cumbersome objects is a prerequisite of the job, even the toughest workers face physical strain over time, augmenting the long-term risk of injury, and increasing the chance that products will be damaged.

This is where The Material Handler comes in.


The Highest Quality Lift Tables on the Market

Our hydraulic lift products are sourced from Southworth, the world’s largest manufacturer of ergonomic hydraulic lifts and industrial scissor lift tables. Through the use of their products, The Material Handler can improve the efficiency of your warehouse’s workflow and improve the safety of your workers.

We supply our Mississauga, Burlington, or Greater Toronto Area clients with ergonomic hydraulic lift solutions tailored specifically to their businesses, helping workers maintain a more comfortable posture while they work, regardless of their height or strength.

So whether you’re in need of lift tables, pallet positioners, container tilters, stackers, or even a loading dock platform lifter, we have the right Southworth solution for you. Because each tool has been designed to improve ergonomic work positioning, employees can more safely reposition stubborn objects using our tools. This is done by raising, lowering, or tilting them in order to make the job faster, safer, and easier for everyone.

If your company needs a lift table or a hydraulic lift product of any kind, trust us to provide it for you. Southworth products are industry leading ways that help to increase worker productivity and reduce potential for injury through their ergonomic lifting design. Read the product descriptions below to get a better idea of what your facility might need.

Southworth Lift Tables – LS Series

Southworth Lift Tables – Pallet Pal 360

Lift Tables

As the world’s leading supplier of ergonomic hydraulic scissor lift tables, Southworth has both the most experienced product designers in the world as well as the most extensive line of products. Along with the largest global inventory of stock models, Southworth also has a huge range of product modifications available, allowing them to provide a flexible solution to any company, large or small. The renowned hydraulic Backsaver™ lift table has over one million configurations, an ergonomic lifting solution suitable for any work environment. Lift tables can also be configured to be portable, such as the Backsaver Lite™, which is built on a cart and can be wheeled around your workplace.

Visit Southworth’s Lift Table product page for more details about different industrial models and configurations, and find the one perfect for your company!


Pallet Positioners

Positioners (also referred to as levelers) work much like lift tables, except they are specialized to be used in the placement of pallets. Using them keeps physical work at an ideal height, making the breakdown of pallets easier. By reducing the need for workers to bend over though their ergonomic design, back injuries can be significantly limited, all while making the disassembly of pallets safer and more efficient. The original Southworth creation, the PalletPal™, was the first of its kind and completely revolutionized workplaces around North America. Pallets can now be broken down safely on any kind of terrain while keeping workers comfortable and safe. For more information, visit Southworth’s Pallet Handling Equipment page to learn more about the products potential applications.

Loading Dock Lifts

Unlike traditional lift tables, loading dock lifts act as the intermediary between the different heights of trucks and the non-adjustable height of a loading dock. Southworth has a selection of ergonomic hydraulic scissor lift tables designed specifically as loading dock lifts. Capable of handling loads up to 20,000 lbs., these industrial products can be installed indoors or outdoors and adjusted to match any truck height. Instead of buying a ramp, these hydraulic lift options will make your loading and unloading jobs easier and safer than ever before.



While Southwork lift tables are industrial products known for being rugged and supporting heavy loads, not every job requires lift tables made for extreme usage. This is why The Material Handler also carries products from PrestoLift, a company with a similar line of ergonomic lift tables, but built for less intense usage. PrestoLift lift tables are more economical, and are usually applied under less extreme conditions.

Southworth Lift Tables – Low Profile ZLS

Southworth Tilter – Portable Tilter

Need Help Choosing a Lift Table?

It’s not always easy to determine which lift tables would be appropriate for your company.

If you’re in need of information to help you decide which ergonomic positioning tool or scissor lift tables are right for your situation, don’t despair! Have all of your questions answered with a simple phone call.

By getting in touch with The Material Handler today, we’ll be able to tell you if your facility in the Mississauga, Burlington or Greater Toronto area needs our expertise. Contact us any time, or learn more about our services by clicking on the link.