Maximize your warehouse storage capacity. Our Roll Out Cantilever Racking system is specifically designed for efficiently storing long and bulky materials, making the most out of your available space.

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Roll Out Cantilever Racking SOLUTIONS

Are you struggling with the storage and organization of long and bulky items in your warehouse or industrial space? Look no further! Roll Out Cantilever Racking is the perfect solution for your storage needs. Our innovative and versatile racking system is designed to make your storage operations more efficient and organized than ever before.

Roll Out Cantilever Rack in Warehouse

Enhanced Storage Solutions: Roll-Out Cantilever Racking

Roll-Out Cantilever Racks by The Material Handler Inc.

Efficiently storing and accessing iron bars, piping, and raw materials can be a daunting task. Frequently, these items are left scattered on the floor, requiring workers to sift through piles to locate what they need. Elevate safety and operational efficiency in your workspace by introducing Roll Out Cantilever Rack, coupled with effective inventory management.



Experience the convenience of the Roll-Out Cantilever Rack, also known as the bar rack or pipe rack, designed to revolutionize your storage solutions. This innovative rack system enables you to store long materials in a drawer-style configuration, liberating up to 50% of your valuable floor space. Bid farewell to the hazardous task of rummaging through chaotic material piles, as your employees gain quick and safe access to materials, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and safety.

The ingenious drawer system opens fully, granting unrestricted access to your stored materials and simplifying handling with hoists. What sets this system apart is its flexibility, as you can easily adjust the drawer spacing at 3-inch intervals to accommodate your evolving needs. Take charge of your inventory management with the option to use drawer dividers or opt for full drawers for shorter or more flexible materials.

Embrace Roll-Out Cantilever Rack in your workspace, and witness a transformation in safety and profitability. Elevate your operations to a whole new level of efficiency and security with this cutting-edge storage solution.

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Single Sided Roll Out Cantilever with Drawers
Double Sided Roll Out Cantilever Racking

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