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If you were looking for durable and good-looking lockers and cabinets, then look no further! The Material Handler has it all!

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The Material Handler offers top quality lockers from different Manufactures. Here at the Material Handler we offer the Cogan Lockers and the ALB lockers We also offer different choices of ALB and AGF Brome Cabinets that will best meet your needs


Cogan lockers range in sizes, from big to small, for industrial use or personal use. These lockers have been engineered to handle the rigorous demands of daily use. Cogan storage lockers are made of heavy-duty framed 2”x2”x10GA welded wire mesh. This wire mesh has an open design that secures property, but also allows air to penetrate through. Cogan makes wire mesh lockers that are suitable for university use, tenant use, or TA-50 gear use. Whether you want double tier lockers or unframed designed lockers, The Material Handler has it all.

The Material Handler also offers ALB C lockers, these lockers have a functional design that is ideal for company changing rooms. These lockers have no moving parts, polypropylene handle with sound deadening retention. The C lockers also come in small compartment storage that are perfect for personal effects. This locker has Louvered doors that are small, simple, and convenient to open and close. The Material Handler also offers ALB E Delta Lockers, these are robust and contemporary. With a double door panel and top and bottom ventilation, E Delta lockers are ideal for schools and those who require premium lockers. The invisibility of ALB’s perforated (P) lockers offer additional security. They have the same structural specifications of the C locker, while maintaining strength, airflow, and durability.

If you have a lot of heavy-duty applications, then you must be looking for the D Dura locker. A strong and Durable locker with an attractive full length 18-gauge handle, the D Dura locker is a beauty, designers would appreciate. The top and bottom door stop with magnet and an 11-gauge padlock welded in the frame, making this locker a truly durable one.

Gear lockers are ALB’s new line up of open or closed front gear lockers. They are a collection of specialty lockers engineered for police stations, firehouses, military bases, and athletic team organizations who demand high performance equipment storage solutions.


At the Material Handler, we offer a large variety of ALB’s welded storage cabinets that are designed to be robust. All ALB cabinets come with locks, the lockers have extra shelves available from stock. These cabinets have recessed handles that combine functionality, aesthetics, and safety.

AGF Brome has multiple designs of cabinets, their modular cabinets offer a perfect fit to flawlessly responding to customers’ needs while optimizing the return on investment. AGF provides custom workspaces in the health and food industries by providing stainless steel work surfaces and accessories. AGF Brome solution also offers high-end custom workspaces for residential garages. These workspaces are known for their durability, personalized storage, and aesthetical look. These modular cabinets could also be provided with a full range of options and accessories

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