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September 3, 2017
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C Locker
ALB 6 Tier Image

ALB Plus C Locker


C lockers offer a functional design to meet most applications, perfect for company changing rooms. No moving parts, double panel door and polypropylene handle with sound deadening retention.

Dimensions: 12″ x 18″ x 72″

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C Locker

General: All welded no bolt construction, smooth edges free from
dangerous burrs.

Material: ASTM – A366: Specifications for Steel. Steel sheets and
strips are cold-rolled and of commercial quality.

Tops: 22ga. Sides: 22ga. Back: 24ga. Shelf: 24ga.

Bottoms: 22ga. The bottom is made from process galvanized
steel. The bottom is securely spot-welded to the body.

Coat hooks: Single tier lockers are equipped with three (3) 14ga.
single-prong hooks or two (2) single prong hooks in the case of
double tier. They are securely spot-welded to the body.

Door: The door is flush-fitted into the frame. It is full length
double wall and securely welded. Outside door panel is 22ga. and
inner door panel is 24ga.

Door Handle: The handle, made from polypropylene is flush fitted
into each door and helps quiet the door closing with its retention

Ventilation: Ventilation openings are slots perforated in the top
and bottom of door.

Hinges: 5 knuckle 14ga.

Number plates optional: Black aluminium plates are numbered
with laser engraved numbers.

Trim accessories for all units: Recessed bases and sloped tops.

Surface finish: The surface is suitably prepared for application
of the paint coating. The steel is corrosion-treated by means of
phosphate processing.

Additional information
Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 18 x 72 in

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