Double deep pallet racking is an excellent choice to maximize storage density in their warehouse.

By allowing pallets to be stored two-deep, it efficiently utilizes available space while maintaining accessibility to stored goods.

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Maximize Storage Density with Double Deep

Pallet Racking Systems

Double deep pallet racking systems, serving Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and all of Southern Ontario, are purpose-built for a remarkable boost in storage efficiency. With the capacity to store pallets two rows deep, these systems drastically cut down on the number of necessary aisles. This ingenious approach undeniably optimizes the utilization of warehouse space, all the while ensuring easy access to stored items. It’s a smart, long-term choice for businesses seeking to maximize their storage capacity without compromising accessibility.


Double deep pallet racking, operating on a “First In, Last Out” (FILO) inventory retrieval method, offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to enhance storage density for products with identical SKUs. With this in mind, by allowing pallets to be stored two-deep, this system efficiently utilizes available space. At the same time maintaining the ability to access the rear pallet when needed. In particular, this approach not only increases storage capacity but also facilitates efficient stock rotation. Not to mention, making it a strategic choice for optimizing storage density and streamlining the handling of products with the same SKU in a cost-effective manner.

Double Deep Pallet Racking
Deep Reach Forklift loading Double Deep Pallet Racking

Deep Reach Forklifts: Optimizing Double Deep Rack Storage

Above all, two deep pallet racking is a highly efficient storage solution that maximizes warehouse space by allowing pallets to be stored two rows deep.

In any case, to fully leverage this system, businesses often employ deep reach trucks, specially designed for navigating the deeper pallet locations. These reach trucks are equipped with extended reach capabilities. Without a doubt providing the flexibility to access pallets positioned behind the front row without the need for an additional aisle.

This strategic combination of two deep pallet racking and  deep reach trucks optimizes storage density while maintaining accessibility. Overall making it an excellent choice for warehouses aiming to balance storage capacity and efficient inventory management.

the material handler offer’s expert warehouse layout design

Two deep pallet racking, in collaboration with expert warehouse layout designers like The Material Handler, offers a strategic solution. By storing pallets two rows deep, this system effectively doubles the storage density within the same square footage. The expertise of a layout designer will ensures that the double deep pallet rack system is seamlessly integrated into your warehouse. We consider factors such as aisle width, inventory flow, and accessibility. The result is a well-organized and space-efficient storage solution that not only optimizes your storage capacity but also enhances overall warehouse productivity. Ultimately improving your bottom line.

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