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Shelving Systems

Versatile shelving systems are essential to keeping an organized warehouse and business. They can be used to organize everything from consumer goods to company records in large warehouses to small offices. We offer Metalware Multi-Tier/Custom Shelves, Metalware Widespan Shelves, Metalware Interlok Shelves, and Metalware Slotted Angle Shelves.

Multi-Tier/ Custom

Metalware’s Interlok and Widespan shelving systems both offer a comprehensive storage solution for a varying range of organizational needs. They both come with the ability to expand upwards significantly, and be transformed into either multi-tiered, or high-rise systems.

This ability to expand adds extraordinary value to any shelving system. It allows our clients to maximize the space they already have available in their warehouse by building upwards. By doing this, our clients are able to diminish any of the extensive costs associated with relocating or expanding their warehouses.

In addition, there are several possibilities to create custom accessories to adapt to these multi-tiered and high-rise systems. These include, but are not limited to, staircases, guardrails, mezzanine safety gates, and flooring options (bar grating, Resindek, Open Steel Planking, etc.)


Metalware’s Widespan shelving systems offers a unique benefit – they have the best weight capacity of any Metalware shelving system. A state-of-the-art solution for a substantial amount of storage needs, Widespan shelving offers many other benefits including durability, flexibility, and efficiency.  It is a multifaceted solution, that is especially well-suited to industries with a High Volume per SKU ratio. This is especially relevant in today’s world with the rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry, but are also suited towards other industries including, clothing, automotive parts, etc. It can also be a great system for company records, as well as other utilities.

Metalware’s Widespan shelving system is fully open, which allows easy access from both sides. There is also a wide variety of shelving options that caters to a variety of needs. Widespan shelving also offers easy possibilities for expansion, both in width, and height.


With traditional shelving systems, all of the small parts related to the building the shelving units can significantly drive up the cost. These can include nuts, bolts, etc. 

Metalware’s Interlok shelving systems provide a cost-effectiveness storage solution by eliminating these extra parts to become a “No-Bolt” shelving system. Interlok is available in either 18 or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel. Using this high-quality steel further increases the economic benefits of using an Interlok shelving system. 

Interlok can be used for a wide-variety of needs as it is not only a cost-effective solution, but it does not sacrifice any strength or durability compared to regular shelving systems. It is also designed to be highly-efficient during the installation process as it requires no additional floor space, and can also be easily rearranged without dismantling the shelving system.

Slotted Angle/ Bolted Shelving

Metalware’s Slotted Angle Bolted Shelving provides a highly economical storage solution that can be customized into many different products including workbenches, shelving, tables, etc. This is due to the braces, gussets, and panels that are available with the Slotted Angle Bolted Shelving. The two different types of posts offered means that Slotted Angle Bolted Shelving has the capability of being cut and bolted into various shapes, which is what gives this system its flexibility. It is compatible with the Widespan and Interlock product lines as a top-tie. It also serves as the shelving solution best suited for uses in smaller areas including, but not limited to, homes, small offices, or other small businesses.

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