Options & Accessories

Proper placement of shelves above and below the work surface provides storage and easy access to items while keeping the work surface clear for tasks.
Proper lighting is one of the more overlooked ergonomic aspects in industrial lighting, even though it is critical for both worker safety and quality of work.
Different applications can require specific workbench surfaces. BOSTONtec offers the most popular options – laminate, electrostatic discharge (ESD), stainless steel, hardwood, and phenolic resin.
Workbench uprights, working in concert with accessories, provide users with ideal ergonomic reach access and increased productivity. A unique channel shape hides wires or air tubes for an organized, uncluttered appearance.
Every motion your workers have to do to find, hold and store a tool requires energy and time. Make sure to keep those motions to a minimum, by adding proper tool supports to your workbench.
All caster options include special drop-down feet designed for adding casters to a unit without increasing starting workstation height.
Adjustable computer accessories allow the equipment to be placed close to the operator when needed and moved out of the way when not in use.
Following the proper ergonomic reach zones means storing seldom-used items out of the way of the operator.
These popular accessories help organize items, keep important information visible and improve user comfort.
Enhance your work environment, show your company pride or color-code work zones. Now with more workbench color options to choose from.

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