Enhance your warehouse safety with our industrial wire mesh partitions, ensuring a secure and organized workspace for optimal efficiency and protection. 

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Wire Mesh Partitions

Safety partitions are an essential tool used in warehouses, partitions are used to separate goods, vehicles and machinery from people in a safe way. Here at the Material Handler, we offer different kinds of safety partition options. We offer Cogan Wire Mesh partitions, Cogan Sheet Metal partitions, Cogan Safety cage partitions, and Cogan Guardrails

DEA Security Cage

Cogan drug storage cages provide the tamper-proof protection you need to keep dangerous substances out of reach. Limit narcotics access and secure evidence with Cogan drug storage cages. Ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, records storage, and more, Cogan drug storage cages meet both US and Canadian physical security requirements for the safe storage of controlled substances. Cogan has provided DEA cage partitions to the world’s top pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, Schering-Plough and GlaxoSmithKline.

Wire Mesh Partition

Cogan Wire Mesh Partitions are an optimal choice for safeguarding inventory and machinery in a warehouse storage. These Wire Mesh Partitions are made with steel and are powder coated with paint finish, giving the partitions wear resistance and a durable life. The firm design of the partitions makes them ideal for large storage places. The Material handler promises to deliver high-quality partitions in a short time period. We offer both Cogan Robotic Guards and Cogan Rack Guards. Cogan Robotic Guardsprotect your employees from machinery and dangerous equipment through the use of durable wire mesh guards. Cogan Robotic Guards are best used for guarding robotic cells and automated equipment. These finely made Robotic Guards can be easily set up to create a protected area. We also offer Cogan Rack Guards, which are used as a preventive measure. Cogan Rack Guards keep employees safe from falling remains of forklifts and pallet trucks.  These Guards form a protective wall for employees, allowing inventory to remain visible and safe as well.

Sheet Metal Partitions

The material handler provides two types of Cogan Sheet Metal Partitions. If you want to safeguard employees and equipment while allowing for complete privacy, then Cogan Sheet Medal Welding Cell Partitions are the ideal fit for you. Made from heavy duty corrugated steel, these panels are an exceptional way to divide and secure large areas. Not only are the panels perfect for safeguarding equipment, but they also serve to create confidential areas.

On the other hand, if you are looking to preserve an open field of sight while still maintaining some privacy, our Cogan sheet Metal/Lexan partitions will be your solution. These partitions are providing you with panels that safeguard equipment, while accommodating privacy and noise reduction. Whether you want to incorporate the Lexan panels fully along your partition, or just along the top half, The Material Handler will ensure your partitions are a perfect fit.

Safety Cage

The Safety Cages made by Cogan, provide protection from dangerous substances. These storage Cages will limit access to the inside of the cages, they will also ensure the security of the materials.


Guardrails are an important protective tool for machinery, inventory, and your employees. Guardrails enable you to create a shield between your equipment and your employees. The Material Handler guarantees that Cogan Guardrails are built from high quality materials to certify that these Guardrails are strong. Cogan guardrails are able to handle a 10,000 Ib impact at a speed of 4 mph. Thus, allowing your equipment to be protected from traffic accidents and other threats. Forklift accidents are highly costly and dangerous; thus, Cogan Guardrails are made to withstand the sturdiest forklift impacts. Cogan’s pedestrian barriers ensure your employees are in a safe zone. The pedestrian barriers not only ensure your employees’ safety, but they also are a perfect method of controlling traffic areas. The barriers showcase the safe paths and minimize pedestrian traffic around dangerous machinery and forklifts. All Cogan pedestrian barriers are made with 2-rail and 3-rail choices, that are designed in accordance with the BOCA and OSHA safety standards. The set of the barriers does not require bolting, welding, drilling, or threading. They are created to be easily set up and easily disassembled and reused.

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