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The Material Handler Provide Expert Warehouse Logistical Planning & Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems and Installation Services

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Warehouses and storage units are all quite different from one another. We understand that they all have different floor plans, ceiling heights, and so on. If you are interested in using your space wisely and improving your return on investment, a visit from one of our Material Handler representatives might be a good idea for your business. Our skilled engineers can amalgamate our different services to come up with a unique layout for your building using the following services to make your workplace safer and more efficient.


We don’t just help you reorganize your space, we can also increase your square footage by building warehouse mezzanines! By installing a platform above your existing storage space, you can enjoy a completely new space while continuing to use your existing racking storage. With plenty of options including decks, rails, gates, and staircases, our engineers can quickly establish dimensions, draw up and approve AutoCAD designs, and even mount the new mezzanine racking storage systems without interrupting day-to-day business in the warehouse.

Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrappers are essential to any well organized and efficient warehouse workspace. In addition to implementing a warehouse management system and increasing efficiency with racking storage systems, pallet wrappers are the best way to keep your products safe, dry, and organized. Without pallet wrappers, pallets, products and your equipment will be subjected to unnecessary wear and tear. Damage may even cause your racking pallets to shift and topple, something to be avoided at all costs.

Industrial Weigh Scales

The Material Handler offers a comprehensive amount of weighing solutions, process control equipment and measurement systems that can be found almost anywhere you look. Whatever your needs may be, and wherever the installation takes place The Material Handler has the solution.

Lift Tables

When working in a warehouse, the complex movement of products and goods sometimes leads to workers performing some of the heavy lifting themselves, as opposed to using forklifts. This is where lift tables, pallet positioner tables, container tilters, stackers, or loading dock lifts can be of tremendous use. These products from Southworth make the job faster, safer and easier. Each of these has a specific purpose: to reposition objects for workers so they can maintain a good posture, regardless of their physical ability.

Pallet Racking

We have a wide variety of pallet racking systems, all of which are built to hold pallets in rows that can be loaded vertically to add up to several levels. We offer Single Selective, Double Deep, Pushback, Drive-In, Pallet Flow, Carton Flow, Very Narrow, and Aisle Cantilever racking storage solutions. To learn more about these pallet racking systems in finer detail, please visit Pallet Racking 101 on our blog.


Shelving is a huge part of warehouse’s industrial racking storage solutions. No matter the type of goods, it’s imperative that they are designed and built in a way that can be safely accessed quickly, easily, and multiple times a day. The engineers at The Material Handler will design a seamless shelving system for you, with an entirely customized layout tailored to your warehouse. Our products are strong, economical, and efficient, with a variety of options available for shelving, drawer and divider types.

Modular Offices

Drown out the sound of loud equipment with one of our sound-rated modular offices or enclosures. Whether you need an office or a clean room with wall partitions, we can install an array of in-plant modular and portable offices.Especially good at reducing loud and distracting noises, you can use these rooms to have team meetings, conduct interviews, control operations, or simply have lunch or make a phone call. A modular office offers a clean, quiet office or cleanroom to get away from the seemingly unavoidable dust and commotion present in a warehouse.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is a prime choice in optimizing storage space. The Material Handler offers different Racking systems to best fit your storage needs. We offer regular Cogan Cantilever and Roll-out Cantilever, both have multiple different purposes. Cantilever racks are especially optimal when you have any request that necessitates wide front loading. Made from steel component and coated with a paint finish, Cogan cantilever racks are the ideal contender for indoor and outdoor use.

Safety Partitions

Safety partitions are an essential tool used in warehouses, partitions are used to separate goods, vehicles and machinery from people in a safe way. Here at the Material Handler, we offer different kinds of safety partition options. We offer Cogan Wire Mesh partitions, Cogan Sheet Metal partitions, Cogan Safety cage partitions, and Cogan Guardrails

Lockers & Cabinets

Lockers range in sizes, from big to small, for industrial use or personal use. These lockers have been engineered to handle the rigorous demands of daily use. Cogan storage lockers are made of heavy-duty framed 2”x2”x10GA welded wire mesh. This wire mesh has an open design that secures property, but also allows air to penetrate through. Cogan makes wire mesh lockers that are suitable for university use, tenant use, or TA-50 gear use. Whether you want double tier lockers or unframed designed lockers, The Material Handler has it all.

Installation Services

The Material Handler offers a wide range of industrial storage installation services including Pallet Rack, Shelving, Mezzanine and Modular Office teardown and re-location services.
Allow The Material Handler to install your newly purchased pallet racking, or possibly re-locate your existing rack from one location to another. We offer PSR Engineering services for used rack installations as well as slab analysis and building permitting services.


Whether you’re planning a new warehouse or modifying your existing location, let us help explore all options to optimize total cubic space while also creating an efficient flow of material in and out of your facility.


A conveyor system is mechanical handling equipment that facilitates the flow of goods in your warehouse by automatically transporting them from one place to another. Your materials can be transported by any one of a number of conveyor types, all of which can be integrated into your industrial location with ease. Whether a conveyor system is used for the simple transporting of goods, or if you need one for accumulation, singulation, palletizing, robot systems, or pallet sortation, we can supply you with a solution you need to move your heavy or bulky materials.


The material handler

The Material Handler

Our groups of Material Handling Specialists are passionate about creating effective warehouse and storage solutions. By offering a consultative based approach to getting to know our customers material handling processes we are able to implement industry leading concepts and designs.

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