Warehouse Design Services

Whether you’re planning to build a new warehouse with a cost effective design or modify your existing location to improve efficiency, The Material Handler is here to help.

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Warehouse Design Services

We specialize in conducting a proper analysis of a client’s material handling processes, applying custom strategies for an elite storage system and overhauling it with new technologies to optimize total cubic space. Our ultimate goal is to create an efficient flow of material in and out of a facility.

When we first visit a facility, we analyze the situation and perform a full diagnostic check of your space in order to find out what your requirements are. If you have a new building and you want the most effective warehousing system available, get in touch with us here and we’ll help you out. If you already have a storage system in place and are looking to improve it because it does not suit your efficiency and storage capability needs, we will gladly examine it as well. Once the evaluation is done, will be able to determine what solutions we can bring in to better your situation and maximize your facility’s space.


Our engineers then jump into the planning with AutoCAD, a design tool which achieves the most professional, safe, and effective storage layouts. AutoCAD is great for combining analysis, visualization, and layout functionality to ensure that your warehouse’s layout is at its most efficient while still operating under your requirements. The engineer designs several custom layouts that meet the exact storage requirements which respect the product’s size and quantity, and also considers other details such as opening dimensions, product grouping, and weight stacking. When products are placed in storage solutions, heavier items must be placed on the bottom where they can be accessed with ease to prevent damage to the product and injury to workers.

If your budget doesn’t permit the use of an engineer and AutoCAD, feel free to use Microsoft Visio, a user-friendly software for the average warehouse manager. Afterwards, we will make additions and changes according to our expertise and offer solutions you feel you might need.

At The Material Handler, we offer a variety of solutions that optimize space and improve efficiency in a warehouse setting, such as pallet racks, conveyors, mezzanines, modular offices, lift tables, and shelving. Every building is different, and by combining a solid design with these solutions, we will come up with the perfect setup together to achieve a positive return on investment.

When choosing The Material Handler for your warehouse design services, we will work with you every step of the way — from our first analysis, to design and implementation. We will also follow up with you to ensure your new design has streamlined your warehouse’s workflow and reduced your costs. We are quite sure that it will.

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