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Pallet Racking Systems

If you’re in charge of a warehouse in Southern Ontario, optimizing your storage space is critical to efficient operations. The ability to maximize your space allows you to accommodate more products without the need to resort to external storage solutions when space runs low. Whether considering a new facility or seeking to enhance your existing one, implementing an efficient pallet racking system is key to reducing property expenses and increasing storage capacity. You can look no further than The Material Handler, your trusted source for top-quality Pallet rack systems in Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek – Serves All of Southern Ontario

Designed to Meet Your Storage Requirements

Pallet racking is a system devised to effectively store your products within a rack structure with the goal of maximizing the total usage of cubic square footage in a storage facility. As the primary storage constituent of most warehouses, it not only creates more space by increasing storage density in your building, but it also creates an infrastructure for organization and efficient work flow. A pallet racking system accomplishes this by analyzing which products go where based on volume and dimensions, and what the most efficient way of picking them must be.

Pallet racking mediums

There are many varieties in pallet racking, and we at The Material Handler have a wide selection. All of them are constructed to store pallets in horizontal rows which can be stacked vertically to have multiple levels. We offer:

  • Single Selective
  • Double Deep
  • Pushback
  • Drive-In
  • Pallet Flow
  • Carton Flow
  • Very Narrow
  • Cantilever
  • Roll-Out Cantilever

Pallet Racking Gallery

Each system has its own situational advantages. Single Selective, for example, is the most commonly used because of its simplicity, ease of stock rotation and picking, good product protection, and low floor area utilization; whereas Double Deep and Pallet Flow focus more on maximizing space by restricting access to product. Some need specialized lifts to access the pallets while others focus on products with unique dimensions.

Pallet Racking Accessories

Guard Rail, End of Row Protector, U-Shaped, Post Protector with Bull-Nose, Back Stopper Beam, Barrel Support, Vertical Divider, Tire Beam, M-Shaped Divider, Drop-in Panel

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