Pneumatic Fixed Height Tilter


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For applications utilizing small or shallow containers that do not require vertical repositioning, a Fixed Height Tilter is the ideal choice. Available in 2,000 or 4,000 pound capacities. Fixed height tilters can be placed directly on the floor or mounted on a platform and will tilt contents either 30˚ or 45˚, depending on model, for easy access to items without bending, reaching or stretching.

Choose from Hydraulic (T Model Designations) or Pneumatic (TA Model Designations) fixed height tilters.

Model Number Load Capacity Overall Dimensions Tilt Angle
T2-45 2,000 lbs. 24" x 48" 30 or 45 deg
T4-45 4,000 lbs. 24" x 36" 30 or 45 deg
GTA2-30 2,000 lbs. 26" x 48" 30 deg
GTA4-30 4,000 lbs. 44" x 48" 30 deg

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