Looking to improve your warehouse’s efficiency? Cogan guardrails are a simple yet effective way to increase safety, reduce costs, and enhance warehouse productivity. Learn from the experts at The Material Handler on how Cogan’s guardrail system can best benefit your warehouse:

Increase Warehouse Safety

In the fast-paced warehouse environment, safety is paramount to creating a positive workspace. By introducing guardrails, you are able to reduce the frequency of collision accidents and damaging of volatile equipment. They can help to prevent potentially disastrous collisions by creating a barrier between electrical, plumbing, and HVAC equipment and therefore reduce occupational hazards. Barriers can also be created between machine operators and pedestrian workers, giving both parties enough space to work effectively.

Increase Cost Efficiency

By reducing the number of collisions, guardrails lead to less costly repairs in the long run. Guardrails are also effective in protecting typically vulnerable aisle ends from forklift damage, which means that you’re saving costs both in terms of unnecessary repairs and inventory management. Installing Cogan guardrails is fairly simple, so request a free quote today to see what guardrails can do for your warehouse.

Enhance Productivity

In addition to increasing safety and cost efficiency, guardrails can also serve to enhance productivity by directing traffic flow. Cogan guardrails provide maximum visibility due to their bright colours and can also be used to separate various areas within the warehouse. Your workers’ momentum can increase by separating low, medium, and high-speed areas, which also doubles to reduce collision. These barriers come in single rail, double rail, and custom lengths, allowing you to choose the option that best maximizes productivity in your given space.

Installing Cogan guardrails is a great step in creating a safer, more efficient, and more effective warehouse environment. For more details, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-857-1315 to speak to one of our experts today!