A Cogan Mezzanine Should Be Your First Choice

A Cogan Mezzanine or Storage Platform can transform your facility by adding extra square footage. You can use this space for extra storage, more production equipment or even office space.

In my experience it is worth choosing a Cogan Mezzanine over the rest. Other options may include approaching a contractor or steel fabricator which may be fine depending on their expertise. It is important to have an engineer design and approve any and all mezzanine layout designs. Simply having a fabricator or contractor put something together won’t sit well with your local Ministry of Labour inspectors without the backing of a Certified Engineer.

Cogan’s team of designers and engineers specifically focus on Mezzanine’s day in and day out. The level of detail put into design and manufacturing is incomparable to any competitor solution. From step one Cogan starts with an AutoCAD Drawing to begin their quoting process. This Drawing is free of charge and will help the end user visualize the look and dimension of their mezzanine before they make a decision.

Cogan Mezzanines are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Terre Bonne, QC. They are designed and manufactured to engineered spec using Structural Steel I-Beams and C-Channel construction. Like a true assembly line each piece of steel is cut and rolled to size and run through a Powder Coat Paint Booth and then into a hot oven for a baked on finish.

Cogan has many options and finishes available when it comes to flooring, staircases, handrail and forklift access gates. Their team of engineers will also consider weight load capacities to ensure the mezzanine is designed with the proper PSF rating (Pounds Per Square Foot) without under or over designing the system.

Each and every Cogan Mezzanine comes with an Engineered Stamped Drawing by a local engineer from your State or Province. The fact that their engineers stand by this stamp shows the level of commitment they have to their product.

Through a vast connection of dealership relationships across North America Cogan Mezzanines are well represented in the marketplace. Dealer Reps are brought to Cogan for comprehensive training on their product and educated on their manufacturing processes.

When it comes to creating extra space in your facility and the best option is to “build up” – Cogan is amongst the best of mezzanine providers to partner with. When Safety and Efficiency are your number one goals choose Cogan as your first option.

The Material Handler has a Mezzanine Requirement Form that can be filled out. With this information Cogan Designers can begin working on a Drawing and Quote for you right away.

If you have any questions The Material Handler can help you design a Cogan Mezzanine that will meet your needs.