The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) aims to eliminate all work-related injuries and illnesses by helping companies raise awareness and study risks through the use of prevention programs. The CCOHS also compiles annual statistics about how people get hurt at work, which totals the number of all kinds of accidents which occur at warehouses from coast-to-coast.

Approximately 42,000 of these misfortunes happen per year, but there are things you can do in your warehouse to prevent these human errors from causing serious injuries, damage to your machinery, and profit loss. Our friends at Cogan design and build heavy-duty guardrails, bollards, and pedestrian barriers to protect your staff, vehicles, and property. As we know, occupational hazards are common, and every company should do their best to keep their employees safe, which is why you should consider Cogan’s products to protect your interests.


Guardrails are protective walls of steel which can withstand up to 10,000-lbs of impact and keep your workers and equipment separate when they need to be. With about 10% of forklifts being involved in some kind of collision every year, the chance of injury to your staff or damage to property can be quite high. By installing a guardrail, you can protect certain parts of dangerous or fragile machinery such as conveyors, electrical panels, computers, and offices. You would much rather a forklift accidentally drive into an easily replaceable and inexpensive guardrail than an expensive piece of machinery.


Bollards are steel pipes which direct traffic, and absorb impact from vehicles while protecting whatever is behind it. Cogan’s bollards are four and a half inches to six inches in diameter and come in three standard heights. Bright yellow and extremely durable, these steel pipes stand up to traffic indoors and outdoors. They protect machinery, utilities, and electronics, and they can also be used to keep vehicles out of an area.

Pedestrian Barriers

In a loud setting such as a warehouse, it is vital that your employees remain attentive to what is around them at all times. In particularly unsafe areas with traffic, machinery, or heights involved, pedestrian barriers should be installed to clearly identify safe walking paths for all workers, customers, and visitors. These barriers are essentially bright yellow, sturdy handrails, and with an array of sockets and customized rails, an unlimited amount of configurations are possible. They are very easy to install, fix, and replace if anything happens. These rails can provide employees with extra leverage when carrying heavy materials, and can also prevent slipping and falling.

Combining all three of Cogan’s guardrail systems in your warehouse will create a safe environment around your docks, racking area, and machinery. Tending to injuries, fixing machines, and replacing destroyed inventory can be a strain on your profits. Keeping safety standards high will allow your business to run safely and smoothly with fewer accidents and higher output.