Advantages of Roll-Out Cantilever Over Conventional Cantilever

Warehouses are always looking to improve the efficiency of their storing and picking abilities, especially those who have extremely long and bulky products. These oversized materials can cause turmoil on the storage floor. If storage facilities are not handling their materials properly, cumbersome materials such as lumber and piping can be the cause of disorganization, traffic, and injuries.

For lengthy objects, cantilever racking is highly recommended to keep these business downfalls in check and keep your warehouse running smoothly. I’ll explain to you how they work, where they fall short, and how roll-out cantilever racking can pick up the slack.

Cantilever Racks

Pallet racking is a great way to store product, but if you’re storing items that are quite long, you will run into some problems. The vertical beams of the pallet racks can make it very difficult to store and pick elongated items. This is when cantilever racks come in handy because they completely eliminate the front columns by having arms that attach to the back columns.

Imagine yourself holding your arms out while your friend stacks firewood on top. This is how cantilever racks work except that they can hold up to 18,400 lbs per arm. Ideal for extrusions, pipe, steel, and lumber, cantilever racks can accommodate product of any length or size by adding wooden, steel, or wired decking to the arms.

Pros and Cons

The conventional cantilever system can benefit your storage facility because it increases the capacity of your racking system to accept long product that otherwise would have to slide in and out of a pallet rack, compromising tons of warehousing space. This leads to lower handling costs because it is easier to load an unload with the use of two workers or a forklift if the product is overhead.

Where conventional rack falls short is for long material that is exceptionally heavy. They work just fine for wood or piping as long as you are removing one piece at a time, but when they are bundled together, you need manipulators such as overhead cranes and hoists. The conventional cantilever racks cannot be accessed by these machines which is where roll-out cantilever racks have their place.

Roll-Out Cantilever Racks

This rack upgrade has arms similar to the conventional system, but it has the ability to manually crank out and fully extend those shelves outward to access product easily from above. The system is designed so that anyone can roll out the shelf with ease by rotating a hand crank for full access of the material. There are also powered cranks which automatically roll-out the shelf.

A crane can simply come in, get wrapped around the product, and lift it to where it needs to go. This eliminates the need for aisle space, as forklifts will no longer need to come in to assist picking overhead product. Workers no longer have to break their backs as the product reaches a weight that is unmanageable. For handling bundles of long, heavy material, roll-out cantilever racks are the way to go.


If your product is at a convenient weight that can be picked individually by hand or by forklift, the conventional cantilever racking system is something you should consider for you warehouse. However, if the product is too heavy and bulky, eliminate the risk of injury and augment your efficiency by going with a roll-out cantilever rack system.

If you have any questions about which system to go for, don’t hesitate to contact The Material Handler. Our group of experts will surely assess the situation for you and offer the right product.