Once your business has reached a point when small, mundane manual actions start significantly slowing down your order filling process, it might be time to consider investing in machines and computers to do the work instead. Starting with conveyor systems to move product, which your business might quickly outgrow, you may find yourself needing something more. At the other end of the automation spectrum, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) are an effective way to increase production by introducing computerized order picking technologies, conveyors and palletizers within a warehouse design solution. Where does your business stand and how much automation do you need?

Analyzing your Labour Needs

Before you jump on the automation bandwagon, it is important to consider where automation is needed, but more importantly, where to keep manual labour active. Automation has endless possibilities. That being said, there are many jobs that are better suited for humans. Prior to investing in automation, it is important to distinguish the tasks which necessitate a higher level of skill, intelligence, and flexibility, and keeping the right people in place to complete them.

When to Automate

Once you have determined which jobs you want run by employees, it is time to think about which duties need to be fulfilled by an automated system, which isn’t always as easy as saying everything else. Several factors determine a need for automation. Depending on the size of your company, its demands, what kind of product you are shipping, and the seasonal expectancy of the market, your level of automation will change. If your business is expanding quickly and you are no longer able to keep up with your orders, it is time to considering an AS/RS for your facility.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

AS/RS consists of different software and computerized mechanisms which automatically and accurately store and retrieve orders from different locations in a storage facility with little to no manual labour involved. Intelligrated Material Handling Solutions provide incredible AS/RS Systems that reduce labour requirements, improve storage, and accommodate high levels of transactional demands. This creates an environment that is cost-saving, safe, and accurate, promoting a healthy workspace and a decrease in employee turnover. Intelligrated’s AS/RS features an all-inclusive experience, comprised of warehouse execution systems, order picking technologies, palletizers, and robotics.

With these systems, you will get nearly 100% accuracy, compared to a labour force which is prone to human mistake. It will deliver the productivity needed to answer to the high demand for your products, which are potentially numerous and difficult to sort through, or perhaps too heavy and cumbersome for employees to handle themselves.

As part of a fully integrated warehousing service, your material handler can help you find the right combination of labour and automation. To give your business a competitive edge, contact The Material Handler and they can provide you with an automated warehouse system in conjunction with Intelligrated products and solutions.