Ishida IGX and IGB Series


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IGX 150 lb/60 kg x .05 lb/0.02 kg
IGX 300 lb/150 kg x .1 lb/0.05 kg
IGB 150 lb/60 kg x 0.05 lb/0.02 kg
IGB 300 lb/150 kg x 0.1 lb/0.05 kg

Configurable 1/3,000**, 1/6,000, 1/7,500
**Legal for trade setting

IGX: vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), 25 mm
IGB: liquid crystal display (LCD), 29 mm

Display Items:
Weight: five-digits, center of zero, tare, checkweighing: over "H," under "L"

Electrical Power:
IGX: 120 V
IGB: D size batteries or optional AC adapter
(Batteries not included) 500 hour battery life

Operating Temperature:
23 F to 109 F (-5 C to 40 C)

NTEP CC 05-020, Class III, 3,000 d

One-year limited warranty

Standard Features

• Ability to toggle between lb and kg
• Stainless steel cover with die-cast base
• Checkweighing function
• Configurable display resolution: 1/3,00, 1/6,000, 1/7,500 (NOTE: Legal for Trade setting is 1/3,000)
• 10 PLUs for storing tare, upper limit, lower limit

• Display, VFD
• Power, 120 VAC
• Internal buzzer

• Display, LCD
• Power, two D-size batteries or optional AC adapter
• Selectable automatic power-off function
• Batteries not included

Additional information

Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions N/A
Platform Capacity

IGX, 150 lb (60 kg) x 0.05 lb (0.02 kg), IGX 300 lb (150 kg) x 0.1 lb (0.05 kg), IGB, 150 lb (60 kg) x 0.05 lb (0.02 kg), IGB 300 lb (150 kg) x 0.1 lb (0.05 kg)


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