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Cogan robotic machine guarding protects your personnel from the potential hazards of operating or working near moving machinery. Ideally suited for guarding conveyors, robots, strapping machines and automated equipment, our modular machine guarding is designed to help you set up a protected area quickly and easily.

Non-existent or inadequate machine guarding is one of OSHA’s top ten violations each year. Many workers are needlessly exposed to occupational dangers such as weld flash, flying debris and moving or rotating machine parts. By creating a fully enclosed area, Cogan machine guarding provides a secure physical barrier to minimize the impact of these hazards. Our machine guarding boasts a sturdy, all-steel construction, and is wear-resistant to withstand the demands of heavy industrial use. Our durable, powder-coated, safety yellow and midnight black paint finish comes standard with all Cogan machine guarding. Standard and custom sizes available.


Posts are 7' and 8' High.


Standard height size 3' and 4'.

Single Swing Gate

Standard height size 7’ and 8’.Standard width size 3’ and 4’.

Double Swing Gate

Standard height size 7’ and 8’.Standard width size 6’.

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