Industrial wire mesh partitions, sheet metal barriers, and wire caging are essential safety solutions that effectively restrict access to hazardous areas, protect valuable equipment, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

These versatile products offer a durable and secure means of creating boundaries and safeguarding personnel and assets in industrial settings.

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Protecting Your Workforce and Assets with industrial partition


Wire Mesh Partition

Wire Mesh Partition

Wire mesh partitions offer a flexible and durable solution for creating secure enclosures and dividing space within industrial and commercial settings, ensuring safety and visibility.

Sheet Metal Partition

Sheet Metal Partition

Sheet metal partitions are sturdy and dependable solutions for creating secure, durable enclosures within industrial settings, helping to organize workspaces and enhance safety.

Sheet Metal Partition with Lexan

Sheet Metal Partition with Lexan

Sheet metal partitions with Lexan panels offer a strong and transparent solution for dividing and safeguarding areas within industrial settings, ensuring both security and visibility.


Wire Mesh Partition

(DEA) Drug Storage Cages

DEO drug storage cages provide a secure and compliant solution for storing pharmaceuticals and controlled substances, meeting strict regulatory requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of medications.

Robotic Machine Guarding

Robotic Machine Guarding

Robotic machine guarding utilizes physical barriers to protect workers from potential hazards while robots operate autonomously, ensuring a safe working environment.

 Cogan Mobile Partitions

Mobile Wire Mesh Partition

Mobile wire mesh partitions provide the flexibility to create temporary or movable secure enclosures within industrial spaces, offering both safety and adaptability.


Back of Rack Wire Mesh Guarding


Wire Mesh Rack Guards

Wire mesh rack guards are protective barriers that prevent items from falling off storage racks, enhancing warehouse safety and reducing the risk of accidents and damage to stored goods.


Cogan Rack Sliding Gate


Rack Gate Partitions

Rack gate partitions provide a versatile solution for secure storage while allowing easy access to items stored on high shelves, optimizing warehouse space and ensuring safety and security.



When it comes to selecting the ideal industrial partition to suit your specific needs, look no further than The Material Handler. With over a decade of expertise serving businesses in Southern Ontario, we’re dedicated to providing tailored solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and compliance. Our wide range of industrial partitions, including wire mesh, sheet metal, and Lexan options, can be customized to match the unique requirements of your workspace.

Whether it’s safeguarding personnel, securing valuable assets, or creating designated areas for safety and organization, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the selection process. Trust The Material Handler to help you make the right choice and create a safer, more efficient workplace.

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