High Density Warehouse Storage: There are many different ways to maximize space in a storage facility. Even the tiniest of units can be manipulated to hold twice, sometimes three times what their floor-space allows.

Here are some suggestions for increasing your storage space without the hassle of relocating:

Pallet Racking

The goal of pallet racking is to increase storage space while maximizing the amount of usable space in a storage facility. This method of storage encourages organization and efficient work flow and prevents you from having to store your items in an overflow unit.

The Material Handler offers a wide range of pallet racking mediums, including single selective, double deep, pushback, drive-in, pallet flow, carton flow, very narrow, cantilever, and roll-out cantilever.

Pallet racks provide easy forklift access and can be adjusted to increase storage space horizontally.


Mezzanines are a smart storage solution for spaces with ample overhead room. By creating a loft-like structure (these can be more than two levels high,) you can free up valuable ground-space. Without paying the fees of moving or reconstructing, you can double, or even triple the amount of space in your unit.

If your storage space is undergoing structural changes, the mezzanine is designed to be easily dissasembled, relocated, and expanded to fit your needs. Mezzanines increase efficiency and are a safe way to maximize storage space.

Efficient Shelving

For smaller storage units, where items need to be accessed multiple times per day, an efficient shelving unit is key. Boltless shelves hold your items using only a rubber mallet, and steel shelves ensure maximum strength.

Using shelves keeps your items in plain sight while maximizing space from building vertically. In doing so, you open up valuable floor space.

Narrow Aisles

Using narrow aisles is an easy way to create more space in your storage unit. It is important to ensure that your machinery, however, is compatible. Using forklift equipment with a wire-guided line built into the floor will ensure that your machinery does not damage your storage system.

This method can be combined with pallet racking to create the ultimate use of space. Occasionally, instead of relocating, fast-growing businesses actually raise their rooves to allow their storage system to continue growing upwards.

When deciding on the appropriate storage method for your unit, be sure to consider the following elements:

  • The width, weight and height of the items you want to store
  • Your expected growth for the next 5 to 10 years (with simple math, you should be able to calculate the space you need to accommodate for your growing business)
  • What kind of equipment you will need to safely operate within your facility

Maximizing your storage space is not only effective at cutting costs, it also ensure a safe, functioning environment.