Warehouse Safety: When it comes to injuries and accidents, warehouses can be one of the most dangerous places to work. Operating heavy machinery, lifting and moving large items, and working in narrow hallways and spaces make working in a warehouse a risky occupation for any employee. Fortunately, injury is easily avoidable with the use of protective equipment, proper first aid, and the knowledge of basic warehouse safety measures.

Here are a few basic warehouse tips from the experts at The Material Handler:

Avoid Falls

Falls in the workplace are one of the most common causes of injury in warehouses. Ensure employees are aware of their surroundings, and train proper procedures for dealing with an injured colleague. When there’s a gap in the flooring, install proper guardrails to reduce the risk of a fall.

Avoid Slips

Slipping is a common warehouse hazard. Keep your employees out of harm’s way by immediately cleaning up any loose material or spills, and ensuring darker areas are properly lit. Installing bright tape on the floor is a smart way to alert employees of a step or ridge.

Ensure Employees Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Proper PPE is essential to the safety of all employees. If an accident does occur, PPE reduces the chances of serious or fatal injury. Proper PPE includes items like a hardhat, thick gloves, steel-toed boots, protective glasses, respiratory protective equipment, and high-visibility clothing.

Clearly Mark all Fire Exits

A proper fire escape plan is essential to warehouse safety. Employees should be aware of all exit strategies, and have access to fire extinguishes throughout the facility. When working around flammable materials, ensure there are no leaks or spills. Fire drills should be practiced regularly.

Remove Mold and Asbestos

Mold breeds in humid, dark, and damp environments. Asbestos is present in many household materials, like paint and insulation, in houses built before 1978. Ensure your employees have the proper respiratory protective equipment to handle materials with traces of mold. If a product is suspected of being made with asbestos, consider hiring an asbestos remediation company to deal with the issue immediately.

Ensure Employees Are Qualified

It is of utmost importance for employees operating heavy machinery to have the proper qualification and training. Machines like pallet jacks, forklifts, and pallet wrappers operate quickly and with force, and can easily cause accidents or injury. Courses in heavy machinery operation teach employees things like health and safety standards, proper procedures for safe operation, and preventative maintenance.

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous. With proper training and awareness, however, accidents and injury can easily be avoided. For more information about warehouse management and safety, get in touch with the professionals at The Material Handler today.