The success of a warehouse depends entirely on its ability to meet customers’ needs. New technology, like pallet wrappers, can transform the workflow of a warehouse, and help save space, increase efficiency, and attract more customers. Before delving into the numerous benefits of implementing a pallet wrapping system into your warehouse, it’s important to first understand the system itself.

How Do Pallet Wrappers Work?

The purpose of this system is to tightly wrap pallets with plastic wrapper. Designed with welded steel, pallet wrappers consist of a circular table which rotates in unison with a film roll attached to a vertical post. The film moves up and down on the post in accordance with the pallet’s location, which is slowly rotated on the turntable. The film is fed by an innovative braking system to determine the tightness with which it will be applied.

There are many different types of pallet wrappers on the market, like turntables, rotary arms, and orbital systems. Selecting the right unit depends on the size of the warehouse, and the type of product you are handling.

What Are the Benefits of Pallet Wrappers?

  • With some units able to process up to 40 loads per hour, pallet wrappers can increase the efficiency of your warehouse ten-fold. Human hands can wrap only a fraction of what these machines are capable of. Over time, the pace of your entire work floor will change, optimizing space, time, and energy.
  • With high weight capacities, pallet wrappers can wrap and handle materials much too large for a single employee to carry. This reduces the risk of injury for employees, and allows more items to be wrapped at once.
  • Pallet wrappers can be made in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to suit the individual needs of your warehouse. Choose between automated, semi-automated, and manual systems.
  • When wrapping pallets by hand, it’s difficult to predict exactly how much plastic film is required. During this process, much of the plastic wrap is wasted. A pallet wrapping machine’s pre-stretch carriage ensures that the perfect amount of wrap is used, cutting costs significantly and ensuring the pallet is tightly wrapped.
  • Automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrappers require little supervision from employees. This allows employees to work in other areas of the warehouse where their presence is more helpful, and significantly reduces the risk of injury.

At the Material Handler, we offer a variety of pallet wrapper solutions, like turntables, rotary arms, and orbit wrappers.  Each product is designed with top-quality materials and built with your employees’ safety in mind. To learn more about how you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse with pallet wrappers, or to request a quote, get in touch with us today at The Material Handler.