When business ramps up and products start flying off the shelves, it is time to consider a checkweigher to ensure product shipment accuracy and consistency. A checkweigher is an automated machine connected to incoming conveyor belts which weighs packages while in motion. Customizable software lets you specify limits and any package that is not within them is rejected.

The Costs of Over- and Under-Packing

Imagine a business which overfills their sugar packages by half a gram. While the price per gram rests at $0.0006 and appears to be nothing to bat an eye about, you’ll be surprised to hear that after calculating your line’s product speed, the loss of product, and manpower, the yearly cost of over-packing 0.5 grams is $35,402. Imagine the costs of an expensive commodity!

The same can be said for under-packing. When quality costs are initially calculated, businesses estimate that 4-5% of sales will be lost to waste, rejects, customer returns, inspection costs, and recalls. In reality, that number is closer to 15-20% because they don’t take into consideration excessive overtime, premium freight costs, customer allowances and complaint handling.

The Benefits of Checkweighing

Checkweighing is usually performed as a step in the packaging process or afterwards during inspection. It can also provide statistics which can be kept later for analysis and problem solving. Checkweighing provides your business with many benefits and allows you to keep track of what you are shipping out.

  • Examination by weight: Ensure quality assurance by keeping track of packages that don’t conforming to weight limits
  • Process optimization: Oversee production efficacy through counts, weight, and packages per minute
  • Sorting of packages by weight
  • Make sure that packages contain the correct amount of items

Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher

The cost-related reality of over- and under-packing makes checkweighers an easy investment, and no one makes them better than Hardy Process Solutions. The Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher is designed to weigh items automatically in motion and is easier to maintain, modify, and integrate into your automation system.

Open Source: Rather than a built-in, unchangeable firmware, the Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher features the open source approach to programming which allows the user to completely modify the machine based on its checkweighing needs.

Off-The-Shelf: This means that the Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher is built completely from stock parts. Instead of being made to order or designed specifically, this machine can be shipped in a day and its parts can be bought anywhere.

Seamless Integration: This is the process where a new piece of hardware is integrated to an existing system and runs smoothly without any complications. The Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher can be seamlessly integrated to a Rockwell Automation Connected Network.

Along with an easy-to-use interface, four different models to fit your particular situation, and a range of benefits, the Hardy Dynamic Checkweigher is the flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient way to take your business to the next level. Check it out today by reaching out to The Material Handler.