Space and square footage are always at a premium in any warehouse. Yet, administrative concerns should not fall by the wayside. You don’t have to sacrifice the sanctity of a clean working environment—or even the peace and quiet of a separate office space in order to maximize the size and efficiency of your warehouse. If you value being close to the action, yet still having the ability to close the door to make an important phone call, an in-plant modular office could be the solution for your operation.

Benefits of a Modular In-plant Office

The “in-plant” part is obvious: never being too far from the floor is a considerable time saver for any warehouse management team. Remaining close to all levels of operation not only allows for better oversight, but fosters a team-based working environment that is integral to the sustained success of material handling businesses of any size. The benefits of a modular office, over a traditional construction—or even just a desk in the farthest corner—can be seen in increased productivity, cleanliness, and most importantly in safety concerns.

Distraction and injury due to noise are concerns in any warehouse. However, it is not just a danger to those actively working with machinery. The efficient and accurate administration of a warehouse is vital to the safety of all those involved with the process. That means having a safe, quiet place to do the accounts, make phone-calls and have important team meetings. Ensuring your safety when dealing with your team and administrative duties allows for the easier functioning of the warehouse as a whole. Further, limiting distraction and noise during the carrying-out of these off-floor duties decreases the risk for error and loss.

Types of Modular Offices

The Material Handler can provide several different models of modular offices, to best suit the specifications and floor of your warehouse.


The modular panels can be fitted to mezzanines, designed into two storey structures, or offer a stand-alone wall divider or office structure. NCP-1000 is designed with either a Steel or Vinyl finish and comes with floor, electrical wiring, and a completely finished ceiling. The dimensions are made to order and once the office arrives, all you have to do is run electrical to the unit. The NCP-1000 is a good option is you value versatility and mobility: it can be taken down with ease and moved about your facility, or to another location if needed. Pre-Assembled models can be delivered on a flatbed and dropped into place.

Portafab’s OmniMax 300 

The OmniFlex 300 modular wall systems are high in quality and low in cost. They are also particularly versatile—their steel stud framing supports two-storey construction, so there is no need go through the trouble of building expensive columns.
These systems are a smart future investment; they are not only of great structural integrity, but they are also easy to expand, can be reused, and relocated.

Quick-ship and Cleanrooms

We have over 30 different sizes of two, three, and four-walled offices. These are made out of steel or aluminum and usually ship within five days of the confirmation. The quick-ship offices are also completely customizable.

If you are dealing with medical or pharmaceutical equipment, or any other product which is particularly sensitive to air quality and temperature, a clean room is the choice for your operation. Wall panels and partitions can be modified to best ensure quality and consistency of sensitive products.

Modular Office Structure vs. a Traditional Construction

  • Construction is dusty and disruptive to an existing production facility, possibly causing temporary shutdown and, thus, loss of productivity; some workplaces cannot afford to have dust from a traditional build get into the instruments and components
  • Traditional Construction cannot be relocated—it can only be demolished. Modular structures offer full flexibility to tear down and relocate.
  • You can add on quickly and easily to a modular system. Adding on to a traditional construction means more disruption at a later date.

Whatever the specifications of your warehouse, using an in-plant modular office can improve efficiency and safety while saving vital floor space.