Pallet organization is the key to the streamlined and efficient management of any warehouse.  Beyond racking systems or implementing a warehouse management system (WMS), pallet wrapping is the best way to secure your products and keep inbound and outbound movement organized.  Additionally, professional and high quality pallet wrapping solutions can improve workplace safety and diminish loss.  We supply a wide range of pallet wrapping solution for various pallet sizes and warehouse needs.

Benefits to effective pallet wrapping

As a warehouse manager or worker you know the importance of a well-organized floor.  Pallet wrapping can add a further dimension of efficiency to even the best run warehouses.  Some less obvious advantages are colour coding of products, longer shelf life due to UV protection and vastly increased stability leading to fewer workplace accidents.


We have a large variety of turntables, ranging from a manual low profile unit to a fully inline automatic prestretch carriage.  Which turntable is right for your warehouse depends on several factors, including the average number of pallets to be wrapped per day, amount of variety in product type, and size of your floor.  All of our turntables are designed with welded steel construction for optimal durability.

Rotary Arms

Rotary arm pallet wrappers are the best solution for warehouses wrapping unusual or irregular pallet structures.  Whether you are dealing with heavy duty loads or extremely light or tall pallets, a rotary arm offers far more control.  Because the pallet structure remains immobile while the stretch film rotates around, you no longer have to worry about pallets falling during wrapping.  Our rotary arms come with LCD display to be used in conjunction with your WMS.

Orbital (Ring) Wrappers

An orbital or ring wrapper is the solution for products that need to be wrapped on or off the pallet.  Loose product can be an extreme hazard in a loud and busy warehouse setting.  According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), manual material handling is a contributing factor to workplace injury.  We offer three different orbital wrapper options, allowing for warehouses with varying numbers of staff to equally access secure product solutions.  All have a precision steel ring and vary from foot pedal operated to fully automatic.

Any and all of our pallet wrapper solution can be implemented into your warehouse to better organize pallets and product, prevent loss, and improve workplace safety. Contact The Material Handler today to get started!