When you’re shopping around for a proficient elevated storage platform, you want a supplier that provides a full service with attention to safety and space optimization. To give you peace of mind, we’ve outlined every aspect we cover in our everyday mezzanine process to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

  1. Multi-Purpose Mezzanines for Every Type of Facility

Whether you need storage outside of your building or inside your manufacturing space, The Material Handler customizes elevated storage platform designs and materials to suit your facility’s specifications and your operations’ requirements. We use Cogan-manufactured mezzanines because they’re high-performance, can handle any load, and are easy to install.

We cater to many facilities that need storage space, including:

  • Fitness Centres
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants
  • Online Distribution Centres
  • Sports Facilities (soccer complexes, driving ranges, batting areas, etc.)
  1. Conveyor Support Mezzanines

The Material Handler designs and engineers mezzanines that not only answer your storage space requirements, but are also built to endure vibrations produced by conveyor systems that run at any speed. Our mezzanines double your floor space, as well as increase visibility, functionality, and safety.

  1. An Easy and Efficient Installation Process

The Material Handler is knowledgeable in complex installations that can be properly set up over already established manufacturing facilities. Our staff works efficiently, safely, and discreetly around your employees, so you won’t experience any downtime.

  1. Innovative Handrails

We make handrails that are more than just supportive. They’re designed to be cut for any size, and feature a clean bolted connection. With its ease of installation, The Material Handler’s handrails are the best on the market.

  1. Secure Gates

Experienced mezzanine suppliers know that a superior mezzanine is a safe and secure structure. With our gate selection, we provide convenient lift access that is essential for picking, and our 4-point pivot system allows for quick adjustability. Security features, such as pedestrian barriers and heavy-duty guardrails, can be easily installed. Our gate selection includes:

  • Swinging
  • Sliding
  • Lift-out
  1. Industrial-Strength Staircases

As part of our safe and secure mezzanine structures, The Material Handler installs only the most robust and stable staircases on the market, so you and your employees can focus on the work rather than worry about safety issues.

  1. Your Choice of Flooring

The Material Handler enables you to have a choice of surfaces, each with their own set of advantages regarding their look, feel, stability, and durability. We offer:

  • Plywood
  • Composite ResinDek
  • Steel diamond plate
  • Bar grating
  • Galvanized planking
  1. Custom Colours

A mezzanine may be a practical storage solution, but that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. The Material Handler provides a premium colour palette that lets our customers add some life to their manufacturing facility. The premium colours come at an extra cost, but the final effect will be a stunning visual enhancement. Choose from the following:

  • Ruby Red
  • Steel Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Safety Yellow
  • Deep Sea Blue
  • Burnt Orange
  • Midnight Black
  • Crisp White
  • Sandy Beige
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized
  1. A Solution for All of Your Needs

The Material Handler promotes a streamlined culture, using cutting-edge technology that answers the needs of every facility while meeting the highest safety standards. Cogan-manufactured mezzanines are customizable to your budget, your timing, and your facility’s requirements.


Have more questions or are you ready to start the process? Our mezzanine specialists are happy to be of assistance. Send us your space requirements and we’ll begin by creating an AutoCAD drawing detailing the mezzanine configuration to insert within your existing layout.

About The Material Handler

We have a track record of creating industry-leading designs that maximize material flow efficiency while decreasing overall operational costs. The Material Handler provides spacing solutions and strategies that adhere to constantly changing industries. We provide mezzanines, modular offices, shelving, lift tables, and more.

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