Warehouse Layout Designs

My experience when it comes to creating Warehouse Layout Designs range from overcrowded existing space to completely empty buildings looking for some direction. My initial recommendation for both is to put your ideas and concepts on paper.

Sure, it looks great to have a really sharp AutoCAD 3D Design of your warehouse layout, but it is important to start with the basics and put a pencil to paper. Stay focused on the most important task at hand – creating an efficient flow of material as it goes from production into storage and out to the end user.

Efficient material flow can be achieved immediately with the right equipment, storage mediums and ample space – but it all comes down how well it is designed to withstand your rapid growth. Try to forecast for future growth and create a design for now as well as a few other designs for down the road.

If your budget permits working with an AutoCAD designer is definitely the way to go to achieve an extremely professional building layout – but don’t be afraid of experimenting on your own with programs such as Microsoft Visio which allow the average Warehouse Manager to try their hand at creating semi-pro layout designs. Visio won’t break your budget and you will be guaranteed to look really good in the eyes of your Operations Manager or GM.


Look for inspiration from experienced Material Handler and Storage professionals. They see new and existing warehouses every day and can offer lots of valuable feedback by inviting them to take a tour of your facility.


Also, take a look through The Material Handler Gallery to see examples of some Warehouse Layout Designs and Storage products and equipment.