Installing weigh scales in your warehouse can increase efficiency and save you money—lots of it. There are many types of weigh scales to choose from, including floor, bench, analytic, and truck scales.

Here is some information about what each system can offer:

Floor Weigh Scales

Having a sturdy floor scale helps save you time and keep your employees from injury. These systems, commonly made out of stainless steel, allow you to weigh heavy items without having to unload them. With the touch of a button, you can subtract the weight of the pallet jack or forklift.

Many floor scales allow you to send information from the scale to your computer system. This saves the time you would normally spend manually imputing the numbers, and reduces the risk of human error.

Bench Weigh Scales

Bench scales can be purchased in a range of styles and sizes. These systems offer robust, easy-to-clean surfaces with the option of a raised digital display. They are well liked for their portability, convenience, and user-friendly design.

Known for their accuracy, bench scales are the ideal choice for food processing, pharmaceutical applications, and the chemical industry.

Analytic Weigh Scales

These weigh scales were initially invented for high-precision applications, measuring weights in the sub milligram range. Analytic weigh scales like these are not often found in industrial environments.

A great alternative for warehouses is Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW, technology. SAW cells measure displacement instead of direct stress on the weighing surface, eliminating any accuracy issues.

Truck Weigh Scales

Truck scales come in many forms. “Wheel weighers” are portable, lightweight systems used to weigh trucks. They are made from aluminum and designed to withstand heavy duty use and stress. Provided they are placed on flat ground (they work most effectively when mounted permanently on a concrete surface,) these systems are an accurate way to measure weight.

On-board truck scales are another option. These systems are directly installed into trucks and other vehicles. They provide immediate data and measurements to the cab of the truck.

Truck scales are efficient, safe, and a great option when operating in unfavourable weather conditions.

Deciding which weigh scale option works best for your warehouse depends on several factors, like warehouse size, the type of industry you are in, and the type of products you carry.

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