A new warehouse workstation can optimize space, streamline the production process, and help you stay organized, even in the face of chaos.

BOSTONtec offers a variety of workstations to choose from. To help you select which workstation is best suited for your warehouse, here are detailed descriptions of each:

Electric Height Adjustable Workstations

With the touch of a button, you can raise, lower, and adjust your workstation to suit your needs. The design supports operators in both a sitting and standing position, and is available in cantilevered or centre-justified styles with 500 or 1200-pound capacities.

Their products offer a variety of sizes, work surfaces, and accessories to help best meet your operator’s needs.

Manual Height Adjustable Workstations

Ideal for most general operating positions, this system comes with adjustable legs for user comfort. This system supports ADA compliance and is best for single-shift, single-operator applications. Like the electric version, this product is available in heavy duty or medium duty cantilevered or centre-justified styles with 500 or 1200-pound capacities, and can be customized to suit your warehouse needs.

Office or Light Duty Workstations

This unit is ideal for inspection, packing, or general office applications, and makes a great height-adjustable corner workspace. The simple design is available in electrical height adjustable or manual height adjustable versions. With office workstations, you can create an adjustable split-level work surface for your keyboard, mouse or workspace with our bi-level mechanics option.

Technical Workstations

These sturdy, four-post units are available in a variety of heights and sizes and are perfect for industrial uprights and accessories. For additional storage, work shelves can be added under the workstation surface. This product is available in fixed height or adjustable height styles, with weight capacities of 600 or 1,000 pounds.

Specialty Workstations

Boston Tec offers a variety of specialty workstations:

  • Single standing workstation: A cost effective, single standing workstation that fits in spaces where full units are not required
  • Double standing workstation: A 60-inch wide station that supports a small work surface and fits in spaces where full units are not required
  • Trolley: A 30-inch wide frame that fits in narrow spaces and offers mobile storage for shared materials
  • Wire harness board frame: An ergonomic station with electric height adjustment offering support for sit or stand operators
  • Transfer and rotation work surfaces: Simplifies the carrying of heavy loads for less effort and stress on the operator
  • Tilting work surfaces: Compatible with all workstations, these systems tilt items up towards the operator

A new workstation will help you better organize your warehouse while ensuring the safety of your employees. If you have any further questions about the workstation solutions available through BOSTONtec, the professionals at The Material Handler are happy to help. Get in touch with our staff today.