ALB welded lockers and storage cabinets are your best bet for efficient warehouse storage solutions. At The Material Handler, we offer a variety of top-quality ALB lockers, for all your individual needs. Whether you need lockers to store personal items, documents and research, or small merchandise, we have everything you need. Read on to learn everything you need to know about ALB lockers:

Standard and Specialty Lockers to Fit any Space

Law Enforcement Specialty Lockers. Looking for a locker that conforms with law enforcement industry requirements? ALB’s tactical lockers are the perfect option. With single or double doors, and a 9” deep oak top bench drawer, these storage units are a no-brainer. Whether you need storage space for evidence, guns and rifles, or personal gear, The Material Handler can equip you and your team with the perfect product.

Standard Lockers. If you are looking for a more classic locker design, ALB’s standard storage cabinets offer a functional design to meet the needs of most applications. With no moving parts, C lockers offer double-panel doors, polypropylene handles, and the option to customize with extra shelves, chrome pockets, coat rods, and combination locks. For heavy-duty applications, consider the D locker. With a full-length 18-gauge handle and an 11-gauge padlock welded to the frame, you can rest assured your valuables will stay safe.

Metal Cabinets. Keeping accurate and organized documentation is an important part of operating a warehouse. ALB’s metal cabinets for commercial offices offer features of a quality storage unit, including heavy gauge steel, no protrusions to cause damage during transportation, and recessed handles. Choose from a variety of colours like fire engine red, ocean, red wine, dove, and more.

Industrial Lockers. Industrial storage units are one of the biggest sellers at ALB lockers. With quality welded products, and long-lasting and durable materials, you can’t go wrong with industrial-grade lockers like the combination cabinet, extra wide storage cabinet, or the gear locker.

Benefits of Installing ALB Lockers in Your Warehouse

  • Lockers are installed in an upright position, helping maximize floor and storage space.
  • ALB lockers are strong, robust, and long lasting, guaranteed to withstand even the toughest environments.
  • High-grade shelving systems can reduce the amount of accidents in a warehouse, as they improve organization and efficiency.
  • Storage shelves make finding items and products much easier for employees, reducing the number of lost or misplaced items.

At The Material Handler, we specialize in designing and installing effective commercial and industrial warehouse solutions to customers in Burlington, Missisauga, and the GTA. To learn more about our top-quality services, get in touch with us today!