If you have ever gone skiing, you have probably noticed those big, bulky mats wrapped around the bottom of the chairlift poles. They are designed to protect skiers. Column Sentry products are designed for the same reason—but for heavy machinery. Forklifts, stackers, scissor lifts, and personal carriers are common large warehouse machines, and they are constantly moving. Occasionally, especially in high traffic areas, machinery collides with the columns throughout the warehouse. Column protectors soften the blow, and reduce the risk of damage to both the machine and the column.

How do column protectors work?

Column Sentry® is the original, patented column protector. It protects interior building columns by surrounding them with a cushion of air. The protector is bright yellow, and designed with low-density polyethylene for ultimate durability. When a forklift driver backs into a column, the protector flexes, protecting not only the column and machine, but the driver and surrounding employees.

How are column protectors installed?

Column Sentry® installation is incredibly easy. First, select the proper size of protector according to the size of the column. Next, place the Column Sentry® around the column and extend the straps around the protector. As a final step, pull the hook and loop straps together for a snug fit.

What accessories are available?

In addition to the Column Sentry®, there are several accessories that can be added on to customize the product. These include:

  • Column Sentry® Cap: This product creates a cone top to the column protector. It comes in many colours.
  • Column Sentry® Straps: These are installed by wrapping nylon straps around the column protector and tightened by fastening a hook and loop closure. Cinch-straps are also available for those looking for a more secure unit.

Recycled Column Sentries

If you are looing for an eco-friendly option, a recycled column sentry is your best bet. The product is made from post-industrial recycled polyethylene and can be made with the same features of the original protector, including 24 pockets to protect the column, and an easy installation. Because it is made of recycled materials, this product is green in colour—a friendly reminder of the eco-friendly cause you are supporting.

Column Sentry products are a smart addition to any warehouse, keeping your staff, machinery, and warehouse safe from damage and injury. At the Material Handler, we offer a variety of products to help enhance the efficiency of your warehouse. Get in touch today to learn more about our products.